Why should you get involved – teachers perspectives.

Two teachers who have been involved with the jams for a while kindly gave their feedback to share and encourage others as to why they should take part in the jams.


Stephen Gallagher is a music teacher and has been involved with the jams for over 5 years now. When he was teaching at Smithycroft Secondary School he undertook CPD so that he could then go on and teach Games design with Scratch to his 1st and 2nd year pupils during their elective period. This meant that the Secondary school also had a class of pupils to be put into teams with the primary pupils and worked really well. He felt that by taking part in the jam the pupils develop creativity and learn to work collegiality, as team members.  The pupils also  learn about the Games industry and get a chance to work with industry insiders. As we have had each year volunteers from the games industry and academia taking part to help the pupils.  For teachers he seen it as an opportunity for them to learn about career paths and the games industry.

Angela Martin is a teacher at Alexandra Parade Primary and has been involved for the past couple of years with her classes and now getting prepared for this years event. She enjoys bringing them along and beforehand works with the class on their Scratch skills. She feels that the jam increases children’s motivation to learn and be involved with coding. Never a bad thing! By taking part she feels that she’s also learning from the children and is amazed at how quickly they pick up skills.



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