About the Organiser

Hi I’m Dr Amanda Ford and I’m a Games Lecturer in College when not teaching I run computing clubs in my local area for primary & secondary pupils. Since 2009 I have had a great interest in helping out in school with computing as my children were always asking about it and have been involved in either research or running clubs in schools ever since. I won the Scotland Women in Technology “Technology Champion in Education 2018” and We are the City Rising Star in Education & Academia 2018 awards for the work with coding clubs & game jams.

Previously I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist for the BAFTA Young Game Designer awards in 2016 in their YDG Mentor category for the Mini Game Jam work

I  graduated in 2018 with my PhD. My thesis was titled “Games-Based Construction Learning in Upper Primary Education” which focused on teaching children how to make their own games using Scratch as well as providing a framework for teachers to use.